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The Relative Effectiveness of Violence & Nonviolence

When people are killed and property destroyed, the apparent perpetrators often make enemies.  This observation helps explain why (a) nonviolent noncooperation seems to have key contributions advancing freedom while (b) careful study of the available evidence raises serious questions about the contributions of violence.  For a brief discussion of these issues, see “Individual Contributions to Democracy” (or formatted as a tri-fold brochure or with big print).  More detail included numerous references is found in “The Impact of Violent and Nonviolent Action on Constructed Realities and Conflict” (or with big print). 


Violence, Nonviolence,

& the American Revolution

The dominant narrative of the American Revolution asserts that we owe modern concepts of freedom and democracy to the success of the American Revolutionary war.  A closer examination reveals that there were “26 British Colonies in North America”, in the words of Grenville, the British Prime Minister in 1765, and the 13 that rebelled had arguably the most advanced democratic system in the British Empire and possibly the world at the time.  For more detail, see Violence, Nonviolence and the American Revolution. 


Foundations of Monitoring

Click here to download our “Foundations of Monitoring” monograph in two parts:  univariate (968 KB) and multivariate (863 KB) or the technical reports on “Bayes’ Rule of Information”, “A Bayes-Adjusted Cusum” (and data used in an example), “Designing Bayesian EWMA Monitors Using Gage R&R and Reliability Data” and “A Bayesian EWMA for Mean and Variance”.  Some engineers may also wish to download our report on “Accelerated Testing of On-Board Diagnostics”. 



Designed Experiments. Increase the rate of engineering learning and technology development with a program of experimentation linked to your core competencies.


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