Is your company involved with the changes in the automotive industry? If you are a supplier to the OEM of any American auto manufacturer, you will be required by the QS9000 Quality Standard to have a Statistical Process Control (SPC) system in place and have your entire work-force trained in the basics of SPC. Most manufacturing businesses with an interest in learning more about applying SPC to their processes would benefit from this seminar.

We offer an intensive 8 hour seminar program that can be conducted on your location to introduce SPC to your work-force. In addition, we can provide in-depth 40 hour classes on SPC which will arm your engineers and managers with the data and concepts to build a solid SPC program into your manufacturing facility. This program will provide the foundation for an effective "Continuous Improvement Program" that will allow you to continue to see benefits from the investment long after the seminar is over.

Send email to: with a request for more information on SPC . You may also call 303-840-2199 or write to Quality Satellite Seminars, 12974 No. Tomahawk Rd., Parker, CO 80138.